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Frequent communication:

  • Unlimited communication via phone, messages and emails

  • Face-to-face meetings every 2-4 weeks

  • Ongoing consultation and advise on venues, suppliers, wedding etiquette and styling

Venues & Suppliers:

  • Understand your vision of your wedding

  • Finding your perfect venue fitting your budget and your requirements

  • Supplier sourcing with recommendations from our vast experience working with most of the professional suppliers in the  Cayman Islands

  • Style your wedding or guide you with creative ideas

  • Supplier recommendations and management throughout the planning process


  • Budget planning and management with payment schedule

  • Create a detailed timeline for wedding planning

  • Create a wedding schedule with you to share with your suppliers and family

  • Create Floor plans for each significant room used in the event

  • Create personalized final checklists, packing lists and roles allocation sheet



We provide:

  • Unlimited communication via phone, messages and emails

  • Overseeing the set-up and break down of the wedding venue 

  • Coordinating suppliers and your family members throughout the day to follow the timings on your schedule

  • Providing a full emergency kit including back up items

  • 10 Hours Coordination with 2 assistants (using the detailed schedule, floor-plan, supplier contacts sheet finalized with you)



In all packages, we will offer you ideas and advice to overcome any big and small obstacles, and guide you to make your dream wedding come true.

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